I am a Management Accountant and Business Analyst that found PowerPivot in 2011. I learnt from a combination of trial and error and following user blogs. From simple problems at the beginning this changed the way I work, providing a new way of doing business. As my knowledge grew, my ability to produce analysis and reports developed far beyond the level of traditional accounting.

The ability to quickly produce reports from Accounting and Property management systems provided insights leading to new ways of working. In my workplace, IT are using my analysis to better understand user requirements.

The learning curve was very steep at the beginning. Often I was asked to carry out complex tasks. It could take weeks, or months, to work out the most effective solution. Once I understood how to create a solution, I could do the same work in hours or minutes.

Powerpivot can freeze, losing work and producing confusing error messages. Working out why this happens and finding solutions is essential and, for me, a time consuming task.

I have not found a blog that covers Powerpivot issues from the perspective of a management accountant. My aim is to produce a blog to teach people the things I wish I had known as I learnt PowerPivot.

I am a Management Accountant with a Chartered Institute of Management Accounting certification, an MBA and an MSC in Numerical Analysis. I am married with 3 children and live in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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  1. Cannot wait to read more when the website is updated!

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